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Motorists run the risk of getting rediagnostic

Now by having a car no surprise. Yes, and pleasure in the contents of the "iron horse" is not cheap. Plus the obligatory expenditure every year is passing inspection and issue of insurance policy. But have you ever wondered what face of the organization conducting the technical inspection and issuing a diagnostic card on your car?

Recently, changes were made in the diagnostic card, and soon will toughen requirements for operators of inspection, making the procedure of inspection documented photo and video fixation. All anything, Yes only and inspection lot restrictions: a passing inspection on every vehicle are limited by time, equipment used in the work, pass the annual verification, personnel must be trained and meet certain requirements. But that's not all. There are crooks who are trying to make money at any cost, acting on behalf of the respectable operator of the technical inspection by stealing his passwords and fake diagnostic card.

Daily hacker attacks are the hundreds of points of technical inspection. In the best case, the operator stops for a few days. At worst they will long remain without a job until you regain the "good" name. During this time, the attacker can issue a large number of fake diagnostic card on behalf of a respectable operator's inspection, and thereby hurt the owners, because their hands will get a fake.

What is the risk of motorists getting "rediagnostic"? First, they may deny an insurance company in obtaining insurance policy. Secondly, when the occurrence of the accident, even if the insurance policy will refuse to pay because the inspection in fact was not passed. Thirdly, the serviceability of your car will actually not verified, the result of which may cause harm to other motorists and pedestrians, not to mention his banal breakage at the most opportune moment.

To be sure in safety of your car pass inspection by an accredited inspection points! Because the avaricious pays twice!