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Diagnostic card not ours! Fake!

The cases of submission of fake diagnostic card STK decorated on behalf of (specify address) of STK, OOO "IL UCEPS at", 620141, Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg, street of Krupnosortnom., 14, room 100, is a fake seal. Scammers use the names, addresses, fake stamps and other respectable of operators, inspection of our city and region.

When making such diagnostic card fraudsters on paper can specify the address as a real operator's inspection and fictional addresses in the database EAISTO data on the passage shall be entered under a different operator, sometimes even from other region or entity of the Russian Federation. In the best case, the operator under whose account was illegally transferred data in EAISTO, they just remove details on the passage, and at worst can be subject to punishment in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, like the "seller" of such cards, and "buyer".

To check up authenticity of the diagnostic card and operator here:

  1. The first five digits contained in the registration room EAISTO means the operator of technical inspection.
  2. On the official website of PCA, www.autoins.ruin the section "technical Inspection", you should find a "Register of technical inspection operators".
  3. In this section it is possible to verify the actual presence of the operator and the location of the point source of the check of the vehicle, the scope of accreditation.

In the example given diagnostic card, issued to the alleged operator of the technical inspection of OOO "IL UCEPS at", 620141, Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg, street of Krupnosortnom., 14, room 100.

On the first five digits of the registration number EAISTO the designated operator in the registry (No. 02564), and on the website of RSA, www.autoins.ru find out the details about the operator and the location (IP Katalinski Sergey Viktorovich, address PTO: Kalmykiya Resp, Yashaltinskogo R-n, with asalta, ul Parna, d 142 "a"). From which we conclude that the diagnosis is not genuine.