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It is time of a scheduled mandatory inspection? Make the procedure more comfortable for yourself, come to us, is already known to many point inspection on Krupnosortschikov, 14. Line 2012, modern precision equipment, own RSA accreditation for all categories of vehicles, timely testing devices (we monitor the serviceability and quality of their equipment and measuring instruments), polite and experienced technical experts and free advice on all areas of the group of companies UCEPS at (making state license plates, changes in design, certification of products, etc.). And, again, to the first snow of the Ural our promotions and gifts!

Came on winter tires with spikes - get the sign "Thorns" as a nice bonus! But if the sign "Thorns" is already pasted on the car - minus 10 percent of the cost of the service inspection!

The purpose of the mark "Spikes" is to inform drivers of other vehicles that your car has winter tires with studs, because these vehicles can stop and be more active in the maneuvers.

Motorists who use winter tires with spikes, becoming more, and "Spikes" is rare. Today road traffic regulations require you to set the rear of motor vehicles with studded tyres are a sign of "Spikes" - in the form of an equilateral white triangle apex up with a border of red color, which is inscribed in the letter "W" black (side of triangle at least 200 mm, border width - 1/10). No sign of "Spikes" is included in the list of faults, which prohibits operation of vehicles (traffic regulations, paragraph 8, Main provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and duties of officials to ensure road safety). In addition, from 4 April 2017, the traffic police can charge you to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount of 500 rubles (part 1 of article 12.5 KoAP of the Russian Federation) for lack of the mark "Spikes" on a vehicle equipped with tires with spikes.


Our address: Ekaterinburg, street of Krupnosortnom, d. 14, the box "Inspection"

Inquiries and record by phones: (343) 286-43-99; 213-44-00 or through the company's website.

Good luck to you along the way! Pass inspection on time and checked points!

Sincerely, your at ucaps.

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    In December 2003 a decision was made on the accreditation of "UCEPS AT" LLC. as a certification body of products and services under DS AT. …