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Photo report of the March action

Almost the entire March 2017 the company at ucaps conducted the campaign for the fair sex — the technical inspection of the vehicle for 300 rubles. Despite the stereotype that women are worse than operating a vehicle, the condition of their cars is sometimes a lot better than the avid car enthusiasts are male. On our point of technical inspection of vehicles girls are not rare, but on the eve of March 8 we went to this nice meeting was especially pleasant lady driver. By this action we wanted to break the boundary of fear of passing inspection the fair sex and we did it! All girls, without exception, visited our inspection of vehicles for own experience I realized that there was nothing to pass inspection no. Sincerely thank you lovely ladies for choosing our organization, your beautiful smile and a lovely spring mood! I hope that when the time comes to pass the next inspection, you will come back to us! Follow our promotions and contests, participate and win!