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Helpful information from experienced motorists

There is no need to overpay for gasoline.

Let's say your car according to instructions fits 95-th and 98-th gasoline, meaning you will not need to chase the octane number. No guarantee that gasoline highest quality motor your car will run better. Season with different brands of fuel, you can make comparative runs, and to verify the correctness of the above. Lean on the experience of others and, of course, make your own conclusions.

Watch out for the oil.

Don't forget to change it every 10-15 thousand kilometers This way, you can avoid unexpected repair of the engine. Damage is easier to prevent than to fork out for repairs.

Examine the warranty conditions.

Never contact unauthorised service centers even with crap damage. You may lose your warranty service. Car maintenance is best done in any one centre.

Try to be able to be maintained.

Never miss a scheduled maintenance to keep the warranty. Carefully read the service agreement. If the time required for maintenance is determined by mileage and or time periods, then you need to focus on the index that is reached first.

Don't forget to check the tire pressure.

This should be done at least 1 time per month. How to run down and pumped the tyres are too dangerous to drive. They at any moment can burst. And wrong pressure accelerates tyre wear and increases fuel consumption. Make it a rule to periodically check the tire pressure.


Do not fall for the hype.

If, during the inspection of the vehicle mechanic, after 20 minutes said that it was necessary to replace the entire suspension, it should alert you. Not so fast to detect such a serious fault. It is possible that you are trying to "spin" on the most expensive repair. Be vigilant, talk to your mechanic at another service center. And then compare their conclusions about repair and make the appropriate conclusions.

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