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A reasonable time of field inspection

But who needs a reasonable time of the inspection?

The Genesis of the problem is geographic availability

Geographic availability STK uneven and depends largely on population density in a particular area. In General, creation of conditions for geographical accessibility inspection is the responsibility of the state, enshrined in law. However, as is usually the case, all launched on the brakes...

The history of the GC UCEPS at

The history of problem solving

This issue Group of companies UCEPS at started back in 2009, in the framework of the state technical inspection of vehicles conducted by the traffic police: then our company has entered into an agreement with the regional Department of the traffic police to conduct instrument monitoring on the territory of Sverdlovsk region.

UCEPS at - success story

Success is born at the correct formulation of the problem

We soon realised that our customers are interested not only in the geographical accessibility of the inspection, but another factor is the ease and convenience of working with a contractor. Explain. Major transport companies it is more profitable to invite a visiting point inspection on the territory and to carry out all technical inspection of the fleet in a short time, than to send the transport into a stationary, where there are constant queues, bureaucracy, extortion...

Head of inspection to clearly understand the market need and organized the design and manufacture of multiple Autonomous points of different degrees of mobility: two lines of inspection on the basis of car IVECO DAILY, one line on the basis of GAZELLE and one mobile line, which is a car-office of container type. Line on the basis of IVECO and GAZELLE can be deployed and ready within 30 minutes! Container line unfolds within 2-3 hours.

The specified volume of mobile lines control in fact satisfies the demand not only in the Sverdlovsk region, but also in nearby regions: Chelyabinsk, Perm, Tyumen and Kurgan.

Present and future

Our offer

Due to high mobility and a large number of sets of equipment we are able to conduct inspection in several areas at the same time! In this case, the speed and timing of the works does not shift and do not change. Moreover, at the conclusion of the contract of services, we coordinate the schedule of the inspection so that was convenient to You, our customers. Time schedule coordination of the inspection in 1 day - these are not empty words, it's a fact!

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