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Nauticalia published statistics of accidents caused by faulty machines

In Russia the indicator of good condition vehicles always belonged, so to speak, unserious. This is due to the fact that to prove a direct causal connection with the accident the technical condition of the vehicle is always very difficult, because emergency - fast process in which the reduction is just one indicator of the efficiency of the vehicle by a few percent can lead to serious consequences, but if "add to this" our weather conditions, road conditions and General carelessness - the result can be catastrophic. How to understand - what negative indicator has had the most tangible impact was decisive in a tragic case?

Historically, until 2012 technical examination was administered by the traffic police. "To make a" technical inspection was almost impossible (difficult, expensive, time-consuming), but to pass inspection the usual motorist was unbearable hard - huge queues, hard and at times far-fetched and unnecessary requirements, inconvenience of payment (I remember the days when the inspection had to pay in the savings Bank, for example, 5 kilometers from point of inspection). With the arrival of private companies on the market of technical inspection, the situation has radically changed: no queues, payment by cash or by card, there register by phone or on the website, the operator on the phone will remind you to bring and how much will cost this procedure. Moreover: "automated inspection" has reached the point that you and diagnostic chart will bring home - and to pass the security check there is no need at all!

And now spoon of tar...

According to official data published on the website of the traffic police for 11 months of 2015 in road traffic accidents caused by vehicle malfunction occurred 2271 accidents, which injured 3272 man, killing 466 people is 22% of all fatalities on the road!

In Russia for road safety began to pay huge attention, but, unfortunately, not to the technical condition of vehicles. You think we're going to start agitating to pass inspection in Yekaterinburg, on the street Krupnosortnom, 14. No! In this article, we persuade You, dear readers, to become a little more responsible, a little more seriously and not be lazy to pass inspection properly, and where to pass inspection - not so important, the main thing is to make it real and not on paper!

This problem was submitted for nationwide discussion during the conference of "Association of automotive engineers", where a joint report of the Association of NAPTA and the University of mechanical Engineering (Zubriski S. G., Krasavin A. P., Balling S. S., Kataev M. V., Lysenko E. S., Tupitsyn I. I., Larin A. S.) was adopted by the professional community with a genuine interest.

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